It’s the way you move!

Contagious, intuitive, fun and energetic! The progressive repetition of sassy steps increase the cardio training allowing our bodies to naturally move to the beat.

Booiaka® fitness dance workout combines all genres of music and dance styles in a unique, fun and easy-to learn choreography for all shapes and all ages! It’s the way you move!

12107083_10206461453267703_2807195174251628240_nThe Booiaka® brand has expanded across more than 30 countries throughout Asia, Europe and the USA offering training, classes and online workshops creating a new methodology where teaching begins from the inside out..

283477_10150263625784892_6276567_nFeatured on NBC, FOX, KTLA, KPNX, ExtraTV with Mario Lopez, American Fitness Magazine, Japan’s Magazine, Giuliana Rancic FFF, Rai international and more!

Become an instructor with Booiaka® online training

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Become an instructor with Booiaka® online training

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Whether you are an instructor and you need some creative ideas or a mom looking for the motivation to get through your day, BooFit® will make your body fit & whip you into shape in just minutes!

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