• Booiaka changed my life! Booiaka means results!

    Booiaka gave me confidence, I lost weight , it gave me a job that I love and I have so much fun! I’m happy!

  • It’s the way you make people dance with the heart!

    Hi, I’ve been to your class in Spain. It was really unforgettable. Although I never thought I could be able to dance, sing, feel sexy for a moment, I did it…with lots of people around!!! It’s not only the way you dance but the way you live it, the way you make people dance with…

  • I had the best time!

    I had the best time!!! Taty you are truly one of a kind. Your whole being shines with love for what you do. We, your students, feel your push to be our best and you give us a kiss on the cheek afterwards! Thank you for calling on me… Who the heck knew teaching Booiaka…

  • I thank the world of you and your vision!

    Hi Tatiana, Ok I have not been able to decompress from the fabulous time I had yesterday. I called instructors right after to tell them about the amazing day. I thought about your question to me, who is Tryphosa and I SOOOOO appreciate you saying that. I walked away yesterday with that question in my…

  • It is a joy to see you be `embodied` and express who you are!

    Hi Tatiana, What I see Tatiana is a strength and fire in you. I see you holding on to your intergrity and passion and working hard -honouring this and how the struggle has shaped and strengthened you as a person. It is a joy to see you be `embodied` and express who you are! It…

  • Omg class was on fire!

    Omg class was on firer this morning. 22 people showed up for Booiaka this morning. Week 3 of teaching Boo at Woodside and loving it! The gym after me pushing and pushing and pushing for 8 dam months has finally given me an official slot on their timetable and said if I can make the…

  • A BooLover inspiring message “I now have a basically bionic leg”

    My name is xxx, I am from a small coastal town in Texas and I just wanted to write you in the chance hopefully you may actually read this so I could tell you how AWESOME you and the whole Booiaka family are. First off just to be honest… I have no clue how I…

  • Tara – Booiaka changed my life!

    One of the things I’m grateful for is this woman Tatiana Tamai: mentor, teacher, choreographer, dancing and driven machine! I love you and I love Booiaka!

  • Shannon – I lost 15 pounds while having fun, amazing!

    So excited! I lost 15 pounds in 3 weeks!

  • Nicole – Booiaka has been consistently amazing! I walk out of class feeling like a goddess!

    Booiaka has been consistently amazing. I have never found an exercise that has kept my interest for so long – it is always fun and different. Tatiana has so much energy and spirit that even when I don’t feel like going to class I go anyway. I walk out of there feeling like a goddess!

  • Desiree – my husband said he could see my spirit change!

    I took your class this past Saturday and loved it! The energy is infectious and everyone was so nice! I will be 60 next month and love to dance, and since starting to take Booiaka, my husband said he could see my spirit change – I am beyond happy to be back on the dance…

  • Patrick – I will keep working to get those moves down!!

    Great class – lots of fun! I will keep working to get those moves down!!