Tatiana Tamai an Italian entrepreneur, CEO and founder of the Booiaka® Program. Motivational speaker, trainer and mentor to thousands of instructors around the globe. The seed she has planted has grown from a one hour class in Los Angeles to the development of an international network that has become an inspirational model for many entrepreneurs and instructors whom have applied her strategies to succeed “honoring the Champ within” & “It’s the way you move!” Having started in 2009, Tatiana has expanded the Booiaka® brand across more than 30 countries throughout Asia, Europe and the USA creating a new methodology where teaching begins from the inside out. Booiaka®, featured on several international TV shows and magazines such as “Extra” with Mario Lopez, Fox TV, KTLA, Rai International and more.

WBC® production

In 2016 Tatiana launched an entertainment company, WBC® production, that creates platforms across dance, fitness, sports and conferences to help instructors and entrepreneurs tap into their strengths to achieve success and the life they want. The WBC production offers several services including consulting sessions for instructors and entrepreneurs, healthy living nutrition program, skincare products and more. Click below to access the WBC® production site.

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WBC® production

BEMs – Booiaka® Educational Masters & Presenters

Danielle Long

Champion Boomer, Kentucky
Danielle is one of the best Booiaka® promoter. She truly loves Booiaka® and you can feel her passion in all of her classes. Danielle understands the challenge to achieve a choreography and she will break it down so easily that you will just have fun without even realizing you are working out. Great supporter and great instructor!

Erika Degourville

Champion Boomer, Colorado, USA
Did we say “everything is possible?” Oh well…if you still doubt about it, you only need one hour with Erica Degourville because she is a “make it happen” driving machine! Erica lost over 120lbs dancing her butt off! Wife, mother of 3, studio owner, workout creator and motivational speaker! She did it for herself and she will do it for you!

Miriam Dankert

Champion Boomer®, Germany
When I found Booiaka® I realized I needed this! Booiaka® set me free and I can finally enjoying dancing, feeling sexy and feeling the beat! I love to support others and I am here for you!

Lori Smither

Champion Boomer®, Kentucky
Lori has educated herself wholeheartedly in the Booiaka® method, so she can spread her love and knowledge of the fitness sensation to everyone she encounters.  She is a resourceful guide for others and as your Champion Boomer® she will lead you to your very own Booiaka® success story!

REP & Support

My background is in dance, fitness and personal training. I am a graduate of UCLA and the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in NY. I transitioned from dance to fitness, I added personal training to my repertoire and began to learn more about healthy eating and nutrition. Contact me if you need nutritionist plan and support.

Ana Miro

Holllaaaaa! Hi I am Puerto Rican living in Los Angeles! Whoop! I coordinate the Booiaka® shop and all the goodies! You can contact me directly at the email here below! Happy shopping!
Paola Tosi

Paola Tosi

Ciao sono Paola e sono la rappresentante di Booiaka® in Italia. Se siete interessati ad ospitare un training, masterclass o semplicemente volete saperne di piu’ contattatemi all’email che trovate qui sopra! A presto!


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