Champion Boomers® support YOU!

Champion Boomers® support instructors, like you, while taking the online training.

You can join their classes to get more familiar with the Booiaka® method and get their assistance throughout the training process.

If a champion boomer® referred you to the online training, you will also receive The 10% discount (make sure to add the champion discount code).

What Champion Boomers® do?

When you become a certified booiaka® instructor you can become a champion boomer® too and grow your income, your followers and your network without spending any extra hour of your time, how?

Champion boomers® promote the online training and support instructors throughout the training process. Champion Boomers® receive a $50 commission per trainee they refer and a Champion profile on the Booiaka® website! How awesome is that?!

Vicki Soliz

Champion Boomer, Arizona, USA
Vicki is truly the Booiaka® pioneer! She is one of the first Booiaka instructor. Vicki built her confidence and grow her community of followers gaining respect, trust and love. Vicki is now a successful champion and she can’t wait to help you to become a champion boomer too!

Beata Dyrda

Champion Boomer, Poland, EU
Beata has inspired many to stay positive and keep dancing during the hardest time. A funky soul, a charismatic spirit and a positive attitude is what pushed Beata to fight cancer through her passion for dance and life. If you truly want to be inspired to push yourself over the limit, Beata is your champion queen!

Erica Degourville

Champion Boomer, Colorado, USA
Did we say “everything is possible?” Oh well…if you still doubt about it, you only need one hour with Erica Degourville because she is a “make it happen” driving machine! Erica lost over 120lbs dancing her butt off! Wife, mother of 3, studio owner, workout creator and motivational speaker! She did it for herself and she will do it for you!

Tryphosa Lewis

Champion Boomer, Arizona, USA
Tryphosa is what you define a determined instructor! She wanted to become a Booiaka instructor and she totally earned her title!

Lori Smither

Champion Boomer, Kentucky
Lori has always been a true Booiaka® lover and she puts her heart and soul into making Booiaka® shine each time. Lori has educated herself wholeheartedly in the Booiaka® method, so she can spread her love and knowledge of the fitness sensation to everyone she encounters.  She is a very patient and resourceful guide for others throughout their entire Booiaka® journey, and as your Champion Boomer® she would love to lead you to your very own Booiaka® success story!

Danielle Hyde

Champion Boomer, United Kingdom
Actively teaching BOOIAKA® for just over 4 years & love it just as much now (if not more) as I did when I took the training. I love sharing my passion for dance with my students & there is no greater feeling then watching your students grow in confidence & ability.
Actively teaching BOOIAKA® adding indian flava and fitness! I Love Booiaka