Shine bright like a STAR ☆ and go for BoomStar level 2!


When you start feeling confident as a Boomer® and you think you’re ready to go to the next level, you can become a BoomStar® (instructor level 2)! A special V.I.P. star on the website will be posted beside your name so people will easily identify your prestige. You will belong to an elite group of designated instructors and have priority referrals for job placement. Most of all – as a BoomStar® – you are telling your students that you’ve taken your Booiaka® experience to a whole new level and have committed to a higher standard for your classes. You can upgrade to Boomstar® level 2 after teaching Booiaka® for at least 6 months as a Boomer.

To upgrade to the Boomstar® level you can choose one of the following options: WRITTEN EVALUATION or LIVE EVALUATION

Your evaluation includes:
1) A personalized assessments with recommendations and a performance summary chart;
2) The Boomstar® certificate;
3) Your Star ☆ beside your name on your Profile

Booiaka® evaluations are released only once a year in the month of June. You can still submit at any time throughout the year, but your evaluation will be released in June. There is no limit to the number of times you may submit for Boomstar® evaluation in order to reach your BoomStar® Level!


Submit a video of you teaching a Booiaka class. You can choose any choreography from the tutorial videos. (See below How to submit the video) COST: $35
How to submit the video (option 1)
Send us a 2-3 min video via YouTube showcasing you teaching a Booiaka class.
You can choose any of the choreography provided on the Booiaka® tutorials.
Once submitted, the evaluation process will take approximately 4-6 weeks.
A. Length: 2-3 minutes, unedited
B. Focus: Your ability to teach in the Booiaka® Method and your charisma
C. Use a Booiaka choreography of your choice and Record the class “front-camera,” meaning we need to see you clearly and your class behind you
D. Break the video into two parts: PART 1 – Showcase the early part of the class where you are truly applying the method and teaching. PART 2 – Show us the med/fast moment of the class showcasing your energy, charisma and enthusiasm while staying true to the Booiaka Method.
E. Video Format: Accepted formats by YouTube are: WebM, .MPEG4, 4GPP, MOV, .AVI, .MPEGPS, .WMV, .FLV
F. Make sure your video is set as unlisted and send the link by email at


You can also choose to be evaluated live by a B.E.M (Booiaka Educational Master), who will come to your class and will tell you right the way if you are BoomStar qualified and will give you useful suggestions on how to improve your teaching skills!
COST: $120 ($35+ $85 to the B.E.M)
This option is possible only if there is a B.E.M close to your area and available at the moment of your request.