Invest in yourself! Become a Boomer® Level 1



In order to achieve Boomer® level 1 (Booiaka® Instructor) you must take a Booiaka® ONLINE training.

The training includes:
– A masterclass sample
– An in-depth overview of the Booiaka® method
– Theory and practical sessions online tutorials
– Instructions and welcome email with details to prepare for your training
– The Booiaka® Instructor Manual

Make your experience even more fun inviting your friends, family and students to practice with you at home! The online training is open to all, either you are an instructor willing to learn a new method of teaching, either you are a student ready to challenge your skills and have tons of fun!

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It is required to activate the Boomer® membership to be licensed to teach Booiaka® classes, to receive the Boomer® certificate and to maintain the Boomer® status. The current online training promotion includes 1year FREE membership (Value $240). The membership will renew automatically after one year from your purchase.

*If you sign up for the current online training promotion your next yearly membership will be $200 a year ONLY!
Payments will be automatically charged on your credit card on a yearly basis.

You can stop this payment at any time by sending an email at with a one-month early notice as written in the Booiaka® Policy.

If you need further assistance, please, email at


Within 2 weeks after you submit your “I’m Ready Form” your membership subscription will be activated and you will receive:

– Your boomer® certificate
– login and password to the Boomer® corner
– Access to your Boomer® Profile
– Access to Booiaka® choreography online videos & past boo-volumes
– Access to suggested playlist music notes, marketing material and much more
– Access to the Boomers & Boomstars facebook group

We DO NOT Provide Commercial music and we don’t send CDs or DVDs.You must choose to buy music from I-tunes or other legal sources.

As a Boomer® you will be able to teach one of the most intense, effective and fun-filled dance-fitness workout around the globe!