Tryphosa Lewis



Fitness 1 Gym 16630 W. GREENWAY RD, SURPRISE, AZ 85388 MONDAYS 7PM


My dance debut happened when I was 9 after watching Michael Jackson do the moonwalk my feet stayed dancing. I learned every choreography attached to a video, movie, tv show from Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Shabadoo, Soul Train, Mc Hammer to name a few of of my all time favorites! I took dance classes as teenager for 4 years and choreographed dances, and then life happens and dance was put aside. I picked it back up and started taking adult dance classes but then I was invited to attend a Booiaka masterclass with Tatiana in Phoenix in 2010 and I was teleported back to age 9! My feet has not stopped dancing since. What I love about Booiaka? The transformation I see in people as they come to the realization that Booiaka really is about the way YOU move! No judgment, just an opportunity to be apart of one goal with a group of people. Enough with all the seriousness… BOOM let's shake the room!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BOOYAHHHH!!!


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